Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cook Off Round Two

Before Cristina and Juan returned home to Madrid, we wanted to have another go at the competition - except that this time there was no voting and there were two new cooks. Therefore, we each made a dish and I, for one, had a blast focusing on just one. 

We drew numbers and I served the first:

Grilled squid stuffed with ground lamb, almond cream, cilantro aioli, deep fried shallot rings. It turned out exactly as I had hoped (making it the week before helped) the problem was that Kathy is highly allergic to almonds which I didn't know until I started sprinkling almonds on top. Too bad because the almond cream was the best part!

Kathy made scallops on a bed of spinach with, I think, a hoisin sauce.

Gus slow-cooked short ribs for three days! Served with heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and vinegar caviar (he froze the vinegar in a syringe). Really cool technique.

Paul finished with molten chocolate cakes, raspberry puree, raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Only Juan was able to finish his portion.

Fun times - we look forward to their return some day and another food fest!