Friday, November 23, 2012


Nothing special about dinner:

Biscuits with liver butter / pate, oil cured black olives and three cheeses

Mixed greens, cheddar cheese, almonds, apples

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, roasted vegetables, green beans

(no photo)

Pecan pie, iced cream with sugar and vanilla.

That's all. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


I have probably written about cauliflower but this photo turned out well:

Heat a wok, add some vegetable oil, add some cubes of bread and brown them

Remove the bread

Add cauliflower (sliced) and "sauté" (if that is the right word for a wok) until brown

Add spinach (the baby ones in a bag)

Toss the croutons back into the wok and sprinkle / swirl / dump sriracha (Thai chili sauce) on top

Meat Balls

Ikea meatballs: who knows what a 5 year old in Thailand made them out of but they are great: here they meet up with Safeway fettucine (I'm liking fettucine more than spaghetti or smaller), "home made" marinara and sauteed kale.