Friday, July 27, 2012


Not really... there were some dishes after but none worth reporting. Tonight, everything is packed so I picked up sushi, tomorrow is dinner with friends and Sunday will probably be the last visit to the Mexican restaurant around the corner (it's not that great - mostly the convenience and the excellent salsa).

Anyway, what do you do with some farmers market peaches, plums and tomatoes? A gift of fig balsamic vinegar and GOOD olive oil (inside joke)? Mix it up and add sea salt! Delicious.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Dinner

(I think) - We are moving in two weeks (I just got the final confirmation while typing this). There is a lot to do, it's hot and I probably won't feel much like cooking.

Anyway, this meal was for my brother-in-law Craig and nephew Max. They went to Wrigley on Sunday for a game, got back around 5:00 and (unusual for them) needed to leave because Craig was having knee surgery at 7:00 the next morning! He probably won't be reading this tonight.

Cauliflower and croutons, green beans and "fish" aioli, roasted beets and lemon preserve. I'm kind of in a rut, but I like my rut. 

Maybe the new kitchen will inspire me to move on (we were there today for the second time and, for the second time, my photos are lousy):

Three-hour roasted pork loin with that delicious ginger and scallion sauce.

This will - probably - be my last blog from Ridgeway.



In - N - Out

I don't care much for burgers - unless there is a little beef (3-4 oz) and lots of other goodies:

1. Half of a bun smeared with their special sauce. I found it online (who knows if it really is):  basically a spicy Thousand Island dressing). One of my least favorite salad dressings but it works on a burger.
2. A slab of dead bovine flesh (it should be flatter so as to cover the bun).
3. There should be a slice of American cheese but I skipped it. Not sure why because I do like it in this context.
4. A slice of tomato.
5. Sliced onion - evidently I also skipped that - but then it was July 4th with a house-full of people and too much hosting to do (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
6. Some iceberg lettuce.
7. The other half of the bun. Squeeze it all - a little - and enjoy. That's my kind of burger!


What do you do on a work-night when you don't know what to do? Pull some "stuff" out and hope for the best:

Brown rice


I love buckwheat noodles! Firm and tasty. All they need is chicken broth but here they have some pesto that I whipped up:

Another Summer Dinner

Again, nothing special except for the Cornish Hen. One serves two and grilles nicely:

Summer Dinner

This photo makes me sad (no more of the garden in two weeks):

Grilled pork with ginger / scallion sauce
Cauliflower and croutons

Nothing special except the location. :(