Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had a great meal at Mexique:

Roommate David walked in 15 minutes before we were leaving and came with us - and paid for dinner (thanks again)!

My app - pretty but a little boring:

David and Paul had this French Onion soup with a Mexican spin (some tomato and a little spice) - they loved it (as did I) and were full afterwards - David would go back just for the soup:

David's - pork belly, scallops, purple slaw and a pumpkin-tasting puree - delicious:

Mine - Lake trout with brussel sprouts on top of a potato puree - another winner:

Paul's - Flank steak on a spicy sauce with veggies - he thought that the sauce was a bit much but I was crazy about it (he was also full from the soup):

We skipped dessert - but then I had mine the night before thanks to my sister.

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