Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Dinner

(I think) - We are moving in two weeks (I just got the final confirmation while typing this). There is a lot to do, it's hot and I probably won't feel much like cooking.

Anyway, this meal was for my brother-in-law Craig and nephew Max. They went to Wrigley on Sunday for a game, got back around 5:00 and (unusual for them) needed to leave because Craig was having knee surgery at 7:00 the next morning! He probably won't be reading this tonight.

Cauliflower and croutons, green beans and "fish" aioli, roasted beets and lemon preserve. I'm kind of in a rut, but I like my rut. 

Maybe the new kitchen will inspire me to move on (we were there today for the second time and, for the second time, my photos are lousy):

Three-hour roasted pork loin with that delicious ginger and scallion sauce.

This will - probably - be my last blog from Ridgeway.



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  1. I've got to say, I've enjoyed ALL the meals!