Thursday, November 7, 2013


My sister Martha has a dinner club in Indianapolis and they thought that it would be fun if I came down and did a night. Many things make me nervous but cooking for six strangers (and four family) isn't one of them. It's like speaking in public. Give it your best, have fun and remember that everyone is glad that you are doing it.

Mart and I shopped in the morning (she paid for everything so that was fun), Becky (my other sister in Indy) was a HUGE help and her husband, Craig, made dessert. How cool is that?

I really enjoy planning something like this and spend way too much time on the menu. First it was going to be the four seasons (the first date would have been solstice but I had to postpone to travel - see next post). 

Then Chicago chefs. 

Finally, not much of a theme. :) 

I'm always critical of myself but was happy with the dishes (not so happy with the hens but never mind, they were fine):

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