Tuesday, November 26, 2013


HAN 202
$35 fixed price
Four courses plus a little something to start
Good ratings

The menu :)
(I've made an executive decision- new for 2014 - to start with the comments before the photo)

A little something to start (raw fish, pastry and ?). The amuse bouche always makes me receptive - "free" food!


Beef salad - it didn't really need the beef (underneath it all). Delicious.

Beet salad with shrimp. Wow!

Quail. Good but the banana was weird. I ate the pickle, smeared the quail around in the salt and pepper then ate the banana. Mr. Chef was over reaching with the pickle and banana but I liked the idea of putting the seasonings on the side.

Squid - perfect (seasonings - not sure what they were - was kind of odd here).

Shrimp and diver scallops. This was familiar territory for a Chinese restaurant and fairly ordinary. Duck breast beyond... much better. The expectations for the previous courses was high but this part was...
fairly ordinary.

Walnut torte with blueberry ice cream. This needed sauce because the ice cream couldn't make up for the dryness of the walnuts and crust.

Chocolate souffle- (some sauce here would also have been appreciated).

Some of the comments may sound negative but I look forward to going back. Sweet people that are trying really hard in a nice, slick (and very clean) space with delicious food and a great price. It's good to support something like this - they are so close to being really good.

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