Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2005 November - Paris

For years I passed on Paris: snobby people, boring architecture, good food. However, for a "special" birthday I decided to give it a try and "hop" over the channel (from London). Paris is, truly, magical: friendly people, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful city and food that is far better than expected.

The moral of the story is to reserve your opinions until you really know what you are talking about. Sadly, the moral hasn't stuck. :(

Our first meal (lunch / dejeuner): Paul had beef tartare with fries (frites). I had a salad with lardons (ham), foie gras and greens. Bienvenue a Paris!

Dinner: our waitress was English-disabled (and why wouldn't she be?) It took a few seconds to understand that Paul was ordering a calve's brain but he was game and loved it. I had steak with red wine sauce, frites (my turn) and a bit of bone marrow and salad. Fantastic.

A typical breakfast. Enough said.

After a long walk, on a warm November day we were thirsty: multiple Cokes avec limon and salmon (raw) club sandwiches. Just across the river form the Eiffel Tower (la Tour Eiffel).

Crepes au Paris? C'est si bon! Not really. Around the corner from the hotel. The only disappointing meal - and, anywhere else, it would have been great.

The last meal near Montmartre: a beautiful start with a pea soup with shrimp.

... followed by a lamb cassoulet (top) and chicken (below).

... and ending with dessert (a cheese course).

Le fin.

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