Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Alone

Dinner at 9 is late (even for me) and by myself is really unusual. So it was fast food on Irving or a quick salad at home. I chose the salad - partly because the temperature is in the 80's and partly because I have been taking a good look at my midriff lately:

A bag of washed (flat) spinach always comes in handy so I pulled out a bit, made some croutons from a leftover baguette (bread in Chicago is disappointing but makes fine croutons). Slice a little of the frozen, grilled-many-months-ago flank steak that I pulled out this morning (thinking of a different evening) and Green Goddess In A Bottle. For a few seconds I thought of tearing up some fresh mint but decided that it was too late to make a second dinner. :) Still, I have to wonder...

The Green Goddess is from Kraft. I used to be a snob about store bought dressings but life is too short. I like Cardinis's Original Caesar, any of the Paul Newmans because most of the profits go to charity (they say) and the Safeway brands because they are cheap and good enough (especially JalapeƱo Ranch).

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