Friday, September 7, 2012

Fried Fish

Frozen fish and several veggies all in a one pot (wok):

- Pre-cut and washed Kale in a bag
- Trade Joe's green beans (aka haricort verts)
- Fresh tomatoes

I started with the green beans, sauteed them in a hot wok with a little vegetable oil until slightly brown, removed them and added the tomatoes, let them collapse (so to speak) then added the kale. Kale is a very nutritional vegetable.

Put the green beans to one side and drizzled with aioli. Put the tomatoes on top of the kale. Heat a cup or so of vegetable oil, dip fish in milk and then a salty, peppery flour mix then fry to golden brown. Put on top of the kale / tomato and drizzle hot sauce!

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