Saturday, July 12, 2014


Lao Sze Chuan - chili pepper chicken (so HOT and so delicious).

Union - Sea Urchin ice cream (savory).

Han202 (new Chinese) - menu

Han202 - amuse

Han202 - salad

Han202 - salad

Han202 - duck

Han202 - calamari

Han202 - Chinese something (kind of disappointing actually)

Han202 - dessert

Han202 - dessert

Girl and the Goat - breakfast (scallion pancake, egg, pork belly, etc.)

Flo and Santos - "Flying" pork wings

Eataly - antipasti

Eataly - pizza

Nightwood - agnoletti (didn't look like much quantity but turned out to be satisfying and delicious).

 Nightwood - salad

Nightwood - "pulled" mozzarella

Nightwood - fried smelts

Nightwood - pasta and clams

 Nightwood - sirloin

 Nightwood - duck

Nightwood - striped bass, 45 minute egg, dungeness crab sauce, crispy onions (outstanding).

 Nightwood - dessert

Nightwood - dessert

Nightwood - dessert

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